The CCV Team

We will inform you personally

The unique combination of 4* superior hotel with 3-toque awarded restaurant and modern congress center is one of the best offers available for organizers of conferences, meetings, seminars and social celebrations. Add to that, Carinthia’s lake and mountain landscape paired with cultural diversity provide an incredibly wide range of opportunities for visitors.

We look forward to meeting you in person. Our team will be happy to assist you in case you have any requests or suggestions.


Europaplatz 1
A-9500 Villach
T: +43(0)4242 / 22522 5800
F: +43(0)4242 / 22522 5899

General Manager

The charismatic Charinthian from Villach has everything what is needed to manage the hotel and the congress centre. Lots of experience and professionalism to master day-to-day requirements and solve problems, enough courage to face new challenges, a great sense of empathy to lead a dedicated team as well as the knowledge of the diverse needs of the guests.

Head of Event Organisation

His extensive experience makes him your best point of contact concerning all kinds of events - from the planning stage to the implementation.

Event Organizer

She is our contact partner for organizers of congresses, seminars and other events, guaranteeing the professional organization and planning of any function.

Event Organizer

Along with the organization of all kinds of events, Tina Fischer is also responsible for administrative tasks and event billing.

Event Organizer
She is responsible for all kind of events and also for planning them.

Our technical service manager Gernot Prosen leads our hotel’s technical resources and manages all maintenance and repairs with lots of experience and skill. Together with his engineering team, he takes great care in tending to our customers’ individual requirements, ensuring the smooth running of all kinds of events.

Helmut Camini is equipped and prepared for all technical event requirements and familiar with the most complex sound, lighting, video and presentation technology.

Thomas Weger is responsible for all kinds of technic during an event, especially for lightning.



When it comes to stage-shows, heating, ventilation and climate control, you are in the best of hands with our competent colleague Oliver Dittl. He also often works as stage assistant and takes care of maintenance issues.


Whether stage service for events, hall and stage refurbishments or furniture maintenance, Christian Preiml always has plenty to do.


The CCV is a large building with many electrical systems and appliances that need to be maintained and serviced constantly. These activities all fall under the care of our competent contact partner Erwin Blümel.


Valon Knushi handles the maintenance work in the Congress Center with professional skill and attention to detail. Furthermore, he performs a variety of technical duties as stage technician at events.