Mission Statement

Mission Statement


  • Our mission statement was developed in close cooperation with the employees of the Congress Center Villach, adopted by the City Council of Villach on January 21, 1998, and amended on October 17, 2001.


  • The mission statement reflects the way this cultural and social event center in Villach is seen by those responsible in politics and management and as it would like it to be seen by customers and partners. It further represents the core values that our current and future actions are based on.


  • Since January 1, 2007, the Congress Center Villach has had a new legal structure. It is no longer a division of the City of Villach, but a 100% affiliated company of the City of Villach and incorporated into the CCV GmbH. The latter in turn has entered into a long-term management contract with Congress Hotel Villach BetriebsgmbH (Holiday Inn Villach). The CCV has been managed by Congress Hotel Villach BetriebsgmbH (CHV) since January 2007.


  • The mission statement’s contents were adapted to the changed situation by the management in spring 2008 and are still considered as the core values and clear objectives of the Congress Center Villach.


  •  As a multi-purpose event facility, we have many tasks to master. The Congress Center Villach can be used for congresses, meetings, seminars, small exhibitions, cultural events initiated by the cultural department of the City of Villach and the Carinthische Sommer (theater productions, concerts, operas), for social events (Villacher Fasching, corporate functions, traditional festivals, cabarets, (fashion) shows, costume balls, and galas), consistent with the town and our self-image.
  • Currently, the Congress Center Villach (CCV) offers its customers the infrastructure available on today’s market, taking into account their individual requirements.


  • Our Congress Center Villach strives to be THE event center in Villach by consistently providing attractive, quality venues for diverse social, business and cultural occasions.


  •  The Congress Center Villach has gained national and international acclaim (in Austria and the neighboring Alps Adriatic region) as the leading “Congress Center in Carinthia” for the event types mentioned above.


  • It is our aim to not merely fulfil the expectations of customers but to generate excitement that establishes long-term partnerships. Achieving this objective involves aggressive marketing and constant market monitoring. We put our utmost effort into continuously improving the effectiveness of the QM system.


  • Our essential tasks include these four equally weighted strategies:
  1. securing professional event management,
  2. guaranteeing a flexible, individualized, high-quality catering service,
  3. providing additional services by cooperating with qualified external businesses that complement the event management, and
  4. hosting events in the Congress Center Villach by facilitating state-of-the-art management strategies and methods to generate the best economic results.


  • The management of the Congress Center Villach and the City of Villach as owner are confident that all employees perform the tasks assigned to them in a proper manner and for the benefit of the company. The management of the Congress Center Villach and the City of Villach expect employee loyalty to the company. By establishing targeted further training and education measures, we want to promote our employees’ appearance, personality and collaborative skills as well as maintain and increase our staff’s training level.


  • To organizers, by ensuring a professional event that meets the the highest technical and organizational standards.


  • To visitors, by offering a contemporary event setting.


  • To our dedicated, success-oriented staff, by guaranteeing fair wages and creating a results-driven working climate while striving to ensure long-term jobs.


  • To the public - in particular to the City of Villach as the owner and to the general public of Villach - by using financial resources as effectively and goal-oriented as possible.


  • To the operator, by maximizing economic benefits. Towards our suppliers and partners that support us in addressing the needs and requirements of customers, by establishing a long-term and trusted partnership.